Valuation of residential real estate allows you to determine the market, estimated and other Property Valuers of the object. Performed by an independent appraiser. Based on the results of the examination, a certificate is issued indicating the value of the object. MEGA OCENKA specialists will conduct an examination quickly and efficiently, taking into account all the features of your facility.

When you can not do without a residential property appraisal

Not a single transaction related to the purchase and sale of real estate objects takes place without notarization. In this case, the lawyer will definitely require a certificate confirming the value of the object.

Clients of MEGA OCENKA most often apply for a residential real estate appraisal certificate in the following situations:

  • sale, purchase or gift of real estate;
  • registration of insurance;
  • introduction of an object into the authorized capital;
  • property disputes during divorce;
  • real estate loan;
  • renting out an object;
  • registration of inheritance;
  • re-registration of the object for a minor.

Employees of our company are ready to fulfill any order in the shortest possible time. We guarantee that all work will be done with the highest quality and without delay.

Property Valuers

Why should you order a real estate appraisal from us?

Residential Property Valuers is a whole range of professionally performed services. We are ready to issue an assessment certificate:

  • private house or cottage;
  • apartment and its parts;
  • townhouse, cottage;
  • rooms in a communal apartment or hostel.

Our specialists act exclusively on the basis of legislative norms, observing all rules and regulations. We cooperate with citizens all over Ukraine, regardless of the region of residence. The thing is that according to the law, a visit to the facility to draw up an appraisal document is not required. Our specialists will perform the entire procedure based on the documents provided by the client.

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